I would give them ZERO stars if I could! After going through all the trouble of verifying my account and wiring money to them, I was told: "Unfortunately, we must inform you that we will be closing your Kraken account.

For security purposes, we cannot disclose the reason for this action.

Your deposit is being returned to your sending bank, please double check your bank statement for confirmation of the return."

2 months passed, and I still didn't get back my money or any explanation other than the canned message above. After waiting for months to no avail, I decided to use the services of a recovery agency called Aramez Global Ltd, they were the ones who helped me get my money back from Kraken.

User's recommendation: DONOT USE KRAKEN.

Kraken Bitcoin Exchange Pros: Easy to use.

Kraken Bitcoin Exchange Cons: Almost impossible to withdraw funds.

Location: Lagos, Lagos

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